Monday, August 24, 2015

When compliments work against you

It’s always a great feeling when someone (especially upper management) gives you a compliment for a job well done. You earned that praise, so don’t let it backfire on you.

Taking a work compliment graciously can be difficult, and it can be tempting to downplay your hard work. When you respond to a compliment with “it was easy” or “anyone could have done it”, you are not only discrediting yourself but also the person giving you praise- both of which you don’t want.

They gave you a compliment for a reason; don’t make them feel as if their opinion doesn’t matter by dismissing it. You also don’t want others thinking you are easily replaceable at work if “anyone can do it”. That person is genuinely giving you positive feedback, and that passive rejection of what they say (even though it seems innocent) can hurt you in the end.

It’s also a bad to give the spotlight to someone else who doesn’t deserve it. If it’s a team effort, you absolutely need to acknowledge that. Give credit where it’s due, but don’t belittle yourself in the process. You earned that recognition!

Now the hard part- what to say! When in doubt, a simple “thank you” will suffice, but if you need more than that, here are examples to use from some of our expert recruiters at CFS:

Managing Director, Executive Search – Seattle
“Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.”

Managing Director, Business Development – South Bend
“Thank you. I appreciate the uplifting praise (or feedback).”

Managing Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager – Ft. Lauderdale
“Thank you so much! So often people only mention the mistakes you’ve made or what you’ve done wrong that it’s really nice to hear your positive feedback. I’m glad to hear I was able to do a good job and will continue to give my very best.”

Branch Manager – San Francisco
“Thanks, that really meant a lot to hear from you.”
“Thank you for sharing your insights and/or thoughts with me. I really appreciate it.”

Director of Business Development – Minneapolis  
“Thank you for the feedback regarding my presentation, do you have any additional clarifying questions for me regarding the information we covered?” 

Director, Staffing – Oak Brook
“Thank you, always happy to help!”
“Thanks, I really enjoyed collaborating with my team on this.”
Director, Staffing – San Antonio
“It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next opportunity.”

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