Interview Like a Pro Series

"Interview Like a Pro" is an ongoing series written by Tatiyana Cure, Executive Recruiter, CFS New York

It’s unlikely that you are preparing for your very first interview, but most likely you’re not a professional interviewee either. I’ve found that some of the most talented individuals, even those who have been promoted several times at their current job, fall short on some interview skills. You may already know which skills need improvement, and it’s good to skim through the other parts as well. Do NOT rely on your charm or wing an interview. Doing that is not going to get you the job.
Here’s what I will discuss in the coming posts that will help to identify and improve your interview skills:
  1. Do your research before going to the interview
  2. Watch your body language
  3. Review your background and accomplishments
  4. Be prepared for typical interview questions
  5. Clarify the reasons for leaving your current position
  6. What you need to ask the interviewer
  7. Know what questions NOT to ask and topics to avoid
  8. End the interview ensuring the next steps
  9. What you need to do after your interview

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