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Friday, April 18, 2014

Mortgage Rates Dip as Spring Home-Buying Season Begins

Mortgage rates across the United States have dropped slightly, just as the spring home-buying season has kicked into gear.

The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage dipped to 4.34% from 4.41% last week, according to the latest survey from mortgage buyer Freddie Mac. At this time last year—when rates hit record lows—the average was 3.43%.

“Mortgage rates eased a bit following the decline in 10-year Treasury yields.” Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief economist at Freddie Mac, said in a statement. “Also, the economy added 192,000 jobs in March, which was below the market consensus forecast but followed an upward revision of 22,000 jobs in February. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate held steady at 6.7%.”

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

10 Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe

For taxpayers who owe taxes with their tax returns, the IRS has provided ten tips about how to pay:
1. Taxpayers should never send cash.
2. If taxpayers e-file, they can file and pay in a single step with an electronic funds withdrawal. If they e-file on their own, they can use their tax preparation software to make the withdrawal. If they use a tax preparer to e-file, they can ask the preparer to make their tax payment electronically.
3. Taxpayers can pay taxes electronically 24/7 on Just click on the ‘Payments’ tab near the top left of the home page for details.
4. They can also pay by check or money order. They should make their check or money order payable to the “United States Treasury.”
5. Whether they e-file their tax return or file on paper, taxpayers can also pay with a credit or debit card. The company that processes their payment will charge a processing fee.
6. Taxpayers may be able to deduct the credit or debit card processing fee on next year’s return. It’s claimed on Schedule A, Itemized Deductions. The fee is a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to the 2 percent limit.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

$5.6 Billion Questcor Deal Means High Drug Prices For Everybody

If you’re starting a biotechnology company and thinking of developing anything other than a super-high-priced medicine for a niche market, this morning’s news that Questcor Pharmaceuticals QCOR +14.13% is being bought by Dublin-based specialty pharma Mallinckrodt for $5.6 billion may make you reconsider. Forget new drugs for any common diseases, find an old one that you can justify charging a lot more for.

In December 2012 the New York Times’ Andrew Pollack chronicled how Questcor had become an overnight success by raising the price of its product, Acthar Gel, used to treat kids with severe seizures, from $50 per vial to $28,000 per vial at that time. The drug was originally approved in the 1950s. Pollack wrote:

How the price of this drug rose so far, so fast is a story for these troubled times in American health care — a tale of aggressive marketing, questionable medicine and, not least, out-of-control costs. At the center of it is Questcor, which turned the once-obscure Acthar into a hugely profitable wonder drug and itself into one of Wall Street’s highest fliers.

At least until recently, that is. Now some doctors, insurance companies and investors are beginning to have doubts about whether the drug is really any better than much cheaper alternatives. Short-sellers have written scathing criticisms of the company, questioning its marketing tactics and predicting that its shareholders are highly vulnerable.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CFS’ Accounting & Finance Internship Program

Creative Financial Staffing (CFS) is a leading national Accounting and Finance staffing organization. 

Here at CFS, we understand the competitive marketplace and have developed a program to help college students prepare for the workforce. Our expertise in Accounting and Finance placement helps us identify solid internship opportunities and many of the interns we have placed have secured offers even before graduation!

Benefits of the CFS Internship program:
  • Build your resume—it’s a jungle out there and an internship will help you stand out from your peers.
  • Gain valuable experience—get ‘real world’ experience in an Accounting or Finance department. 
  • Gain important software skills—many of our clients utilize the leading General Ledger and Financial Reporting tools. 
  • Gain access to the top companies in the marketplace –CFS represents leading privately-held and publically- traded companies across all industries. 
  • Gain professional references—especially starting out in a tight economy, you can never have enough reference contacts when interviewing for job opportunities. 
  • Make some money—any internship offered through CFS will be paid at a competitive hourly rate.

The demand is high for access to our clients, so send your resume in for consideration. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yazoo Mills invests $4 million in manufacturing plant

Yazoo Mills Inc., a paper tubes and cores manufacturer based in Adams County, has invested $4 million in manufacturing operations over the last 18 months to sustain its current growth trend.

The upgrades are highlighted by a new 45,000-square-foot distribution center built in Hanover, giving Yazoo Mills a total of 195,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space for its product lines, the company said in a news release.

With the infrastructure upgrades and remodeling, Yazoo added 20 local jobs and employs more than 100 people.

"A team of managers worked together to redesign and re-engineer the existing production lines to improve efficiency and ergonomics throughout the company," Yazoo said in the release

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Study: Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Events Are Growing

Peer-to-peer fundraising has for all intents and purposes turned supporters into organizations’ development departments. A subset of P2P, independent fundraising events (IFEs) are almost wholly supporter-run with little or no staff involvement.
A new study from Austin, Texas-based Charity Dynamics showed that 42 percent of respondents have an IFE program, with another 25 percent looking to add one. Of those with a current program, 63 percent predict their programs will grow by at least 10 percent in 2014.
The Charity Dynamics IFE Study received responses from 239 individuals, representing 132 organizations. One-third of respondents had no plans to implement an IFE program.
Of those with a program, 62 percent said the program resides with the development department. Almost one-fifth (19 percent) of the programs are owned by the events staff, with 6 percent in marketing and 13 percent in other departments. “While respondents are mixed on how they structure their IFE programs, it is important to mention that most (72 percent) report that they provide fundraising coaching, and the majority (76 percent) report that they have at least one dedicated staff member in place to support the program,” wrote the report’s authors.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

UBS: Clients Need More Than Investment Advice

Financially conservative children of current clients receive particular attention, says UBS Wealth Management
Clients, particularly millennials, want objective advice on a wide range of issues from someone they trust, says UBS Wealth Management. (Photo: AP)
In the competition for clients, UBS Wealth Management Americas is focusing on the high-net-worth and ultrahigh-net-worth segment, where it sees the biggest growth opportunity.
The firm is also looking to bring the children of its clients into the fold, Jason Chandler, the head of the firm’s wealth management advisor group, said in a press briefing Wednesday.
UBS’ strategy is to offer advice beyond investing, Chandler said. Clients want objective advice on a wide range of issues from someone they trust.
“Families today want holistic services,” he said.
In order to ensure that its financial advisors meet this challenge, UBS is recruiting the best talent it can find and pouring resources into educating and training.
Emerging millionaires may be risk-averse to a fault and lack financial plans. Less than half have an advisor, Fidelity found.
Permanent Changes
UBS Wealth Management is changing because investors have changed, and these shifts have become permanent, according to Emily Pachuta, head of client marketing and Investor Insights.
Consider that wealthy investors, irrespective of age, currently hold 20% to 25% of their portfolios in cash. “They use it as a security blanket,” Pachuta said, “and this allows them to engage in the markets.”
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