Friday, October 18, 2013

Portrait of the Resilient Accountant

You've had those days: nothing is working and your frustration is mounting. Resilient individuals, however, manage to find their way back on track. They apply ingenuity to daily tasks, long-term projects, group relations, and other problems. If they lose a deal, they methodically assess the reasons why. If something goes wrong on client work, they jump right in to see what's askew. They consider and try out new possibilities and gather whatever insights emerge.
The resilient accountant adeptly manages sudden, significant, and complex change with minimal dysfunctional behavior. Rather than shrink from controversy, resilient professionals are more likely to dive into the fray. They take a stand-up role, and if necessary, admit where and when they went wrong. They assess the choices they made that lead to a particular result, as well as what other choices they could make to achieve a more desirable outcome in the future.

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Source: Jeff Davidson,

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