Friday, October 11, 2013

The new $100 bill makes its debut

The wait is over. The new $100 bill goes into circulation today, and it's plenty tricked out. It has a disappearing-reappearing bell in the inkwell, a blue 3-D security ribbon and a bunch of other hidden treasures designed to make it hard to counterfeit.
Over the next year or so, the Federal Reserve will release $350 billion in $100 bills into the money pool, as it pulls the old ones out. But where, exactly, all those bills will go is one of life’s great mysteries.
Right up there with the disappearing single socks, and the children who wake up early only on weekends. 
You might be surprised to know that there’s $3,774 in cash, in circulation, for each of us here in the U.S.
So where is it all?
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Source: Adriene Hill,

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