Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What NOT To Do During Your Job Search

During the job search there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure your efforts do not go to waste. Below are a few examples of what NOT to do if you’re trying to land the position!

Texting A Thank You Note: After an interview it is courteous to send a thank you note to the person(s) who interviewed you. Texting them and/or inviting them to become part of your social network is not the correct way to go about it. Employers prefer you either take the time to hand-write a note or send it over in an email.

Resume Spam: By applying to the same position multiple times through different websites and sources, as well as applying to every open position the company has; you are creating unnecessary work for the hiring manager.

“So, what exactly does your company do?”: This is the worst question to ask during an interview! If you do not take the time to research the company and show that you are interested in what they do, then you will not be taken seriously in the interview as a candidate who truly wants the position.

Unexpected Visitors: If you must bring along a child or family member to your interview, it is a good idea to inform the hiring manager beforehand so that they are adequately prepared for your guest. Don’t start off on a bad note by bringing someone along unexpectedly!

Cell Phone Usage: Texting or receiving personal phone calls during an interview is a bad idea. It shows that you are unfocused and easily distracted from the task at hand. It is also rude and can leave the hiring manager questioning your interest in the position.

Be Aware of Your Emotions: Showing too much emotion can be a problem during an interview. If you are laughing too much or you are so nervous that you are about to cry while answering questions, it sends the wrong message. Smiling and being friendly is an important part of the interview, but don’t get caught up overdoing it!

Beverages: Sometimes bringing your own beverages into an interview with you can give the interview an informal feeling. It is better that you don’t bring any of your own beverages with you, as most interviewers will offer you something anyways.

Keeping all of this in mind, below are a few pointers from our staff of expert recruiters here at CFS…

Keep the fidgeting to a minimum. When you fidget it makes it very apparent that you are nervous and can also be distracting to the interviewer. Try to speak to the interviewer and keep normal eye contact.

Dress to impress! Make a great first impression by showing the interviewer that you are serious about the position.

Be prepared to ask questions. It shows that you are interested in learning more about what the company has to offer, as well as allowing you to hear the interviewer’s point of view.


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