Monday, May 17, 2010

Hiring For Accounting Grads On The Rise

Employers plan to increase the number of new college graduates they will hire this spring for the first time since the fall of 2008. In 2009, employers severely reduced the amount of new college graduates they hired, dropping almost 22% from the previous year. It was predicted that hiring for the Class of 2010 would decrease by 7% from the Class of 2009, however, it is now estimated that hiring for new graduates will be up by 5.3%. This is good news, especially for the Northeast, where the hiring outlook seems to be the brightest.

It is predicted that the fall of 2010 will remain positive for hiring as well. Employers plan to hire the same amount of new college graduates or more, so there will be recruiters present on campuses in the fall. In the past, accounting firms have been involved as one of the most active organizations to hire new college graduates. This still rings true for the class of 2010, as there have been more offers made to new graduates with bachelor’s degrees than from any other type of employer.

While most other majors have starting salaries that are less than what they used to be, accounting majors stand strong with increased starting salaries in 2010. An increase of 0.4% brought the average offer for accounting majors to $48,575. For new college graduates with accounting degrees – this is great news!


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