Friday, September 18, 2009

Being employed during an economic downturn: burnt out and unhappy.

For the lucky workers who have survived rounds of layoffs in this recent economic downturn, work has not been easy. Staff shortages, hiring freezes, and budget cuts have placed pressure on those who are still employed to take on additional workloads, put in overtime, and produce the same quality and level of work with less resource.

At this point, many are either dissatisfied with their job or feeling burnt out.

According to a recent survey, 40% of employees at companies who had layoffs say they experienced lower productivity; and two-thirds of those are suffering from low workplace morale.

Job dissatisfaction, low morale, and burn out can have long term effects on a company’s profitability. These factors negatively impact employee performance and increase turnover. They can also affect an organization’s ability to attract new talent in the future if it develops a bad workplace reputation.

One cost effective solution is to utilize temporary staffing. This allows firms to quickly add and reduce staff based on seasonal activities. Because the temps work for the staffing agency, you are also not responsible for their payroll, benefits or unemployment claims. Therefore, these expenses do not affect your firm's bottom line.

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