Monday, September 28, 2009

Be on the lookout for resume fraud

With resume misrepresentation on the rise from people who are desperate for employment in this economy, hiring managers are advised to be more thorough in their candidate search.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, approximately 20% of job seekers inflate their educational credentials and 61% of HR professionals say that they “often” or “sometimes” find resume misrepresentation while investigating prospective hires.

The most common areas for misrepresentations can be found in the candidate’s educational credentials, job title, or job responsibilities. Below are some ways to spot potential resume fraud:
  • If the candidate misspelled the company she claimed to have worked for
  • If the candidate left out specific dates of employment (ex: using the year only and not month/year)
  • If the candidate left out date of graduation for degrees
  • If the candidate is vague about his/her reasons for leaving past employments
  • If the candidate is unwilling to provide references
Embellishments can be found on resumes of any prospective candidate, from entry level staff to high level executives. Therefore, make sure you are carefully evaluating those candidates to avoid costly hiring mistakes!

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