Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Life of a permanent temp

A permanent temp is a person who prefers to take on contract assignments over a permanent job. While some people have made a successful career out of it, it is not a path for everyone.

Here are some pros and cons of being a permanent temp:

  • The agency does the job search for you
  • Flexibility in your work schedule
  • Constant exposure to different people, organizations, cultures, and industries
  • Ability to move around without the negative impact on the resume and job history
  • No guarantee of job security
  • Be ready to take on an assignment at a moment’s notice
  • May not receive full time benefits, such a health insurance, 401K, etc.

Creative Financial Staffing (CFS) is the nation’s largest, privately-held accounting and financial staffing firm. We provide qualified accounting and finance professionals on a temporary and permanent basis across a broad range of industries.

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