Friday, July 10, 2009

Taking a vacation should not be stressful

Based on a recent survey, 77% of respondents find it difficult to deal with the work pile-up on their first day back in the office after being away on vacation – and the recent layoffs and hiring freezes that leave many departments short-staffed are only adding to their concern.

Your employees have endured the trials and tribulations of the recent economic downturn with you. They may have survived rounds of layoffs, hiring freezes, and budget cuts – putting in overtime and producing the same quality and level of work with less resources and staff.

Even your most productive people can work in overdrive mode for so long before they burnout, so the worst thing you can possibly do is take away their vacation time. Prolonged periods of stress and exhaustion can lead to poorer performance, lower productivity, burnout, and turnover.

One cost effective solution is to utilize temporary staffing. This allows firms to quickly add and reduce staff based on seasonal activities. As a result, you only pay for the labor you need. This flexibility helps firms keep productivity at more efficient levels by eliminating unnecessary overstaffing.

So encourage your people to take a break and let someone else handle the work while they’re away!

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