Monday, January 30, 2012

Tighten Up Your Time Management – Four Tips for the New Year

Michael Goodman CPA, CFP, PFS, has always been sensitive to time management.
A year into starting his New York–based business, Wealthstream Advisors Inc., a financial planning and investment firm that works with clients who have $1 million or more in assets, he took a personal productivity class that has influenced the way he conducts his days.


Know when to delegate
"Your time shouldn't be spent doing anything other than your highest competencies," Goodman said. But there are exceptions – Goodman prefers to book his own travel. To keep things in order, every week Goodman sits down with two of his team members who play critical roles in his firm. While he is the primary contact and ultimate decision maker for all of his 120 clients, the day-to-day work is divided and delegated to those two staff members. An hour is designated each week when the three of them go through the complete client list, talk about any open items, review updates on each, and discuss anything that's happening in the market that might affect them. As part of his weekly routine, he also talks with his director of operations as a way to stay on top of all open projects and deadlines.

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