Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Core Steps to a More Satisfying Career in 2012

Below are the top five most effective steps to take to figure yourself out and get on track to a more fulfilling career:

1) Reconnect with the Early You

Go back and review your teens and early adult years. Everything you are today was nurtured from seeds planted then.

What did you absolutely love to do, and what came easily and naturally? How did you stand out? What made people remember you and praise you? What skills, talents and activities helped define your identity then? For example, in my young life, I loved to: take the stage to perform and sing (I was an actress and singer in high school), write, read, and study new ideas (I was an English major), understand human behavior (I loved psychology), help others, (friends always came to me with their problems), and challenge the status quo (I was a rebel at heart). That’s the foundation of who I am, and in my best career (the one I have now), I utilize each and every one of these skills or traits daily.

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