Monday, August 17, 2009

Is the recruiting process becoming more impersonal?

It is not unusual for companies to receive hundreds to thousands of job applications these days. For job seekers, it is sometimes as easy as clicking an “apply” button and attaching a resume. As a result, many companies are now experimenting with new ways to review applications and interview candidates to deal with the influx of job applicants.

These new approaches, however, are decreasing the level of human interaction between candidate and employer.

One method is to require candidates to fill out extensive profiles or take pre-qualifying questionnaires. To reduce the amount of face-to-face interviews, employers are also inviting applicants to virtual interviews where applicants are asked pre-recorded questions. Their responses are then either recorded or videoed for the employer to access at his or her convenience.

While these new resources can be more cost effective or time efficient, they may not be the best option for every type of job search, such as technical and high-level positions. Employers can sometimes go overboard with the online profiles, which leave candidates frustrated with answering 15+ pages of questions. Pre-recorded interviews also do not allow for more detailed follow-up questions.

The whole process seems impersonal and cold, like talking to one of those automated customer service answering machines – not a good first impression to give a potential future employee.

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