Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The best questions to ask your interviewer

It’s the day of your big interview. You researched the company and practiced answering questions, but did you also prepare to ask questions? What you ask at the end of the interview says a lot about you and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to stand out from your competition, and generic questions won’t help you do that. They should be well thought out, as the obvious ones will be answered throughout the interview.

Not sure what to ask? Don’t worry! Some of our expert recruiters have put together a list of the BEST questions to ask an interviewer that leave a strong impression.

Staffing Manager, CFS Boston

  • “What skills and characteristics would someone need to be successful in this role?"

Actively listen to what the interviewer says and then relate your own experience back to those desired skills. Don’t simply say you have the skills needed but provide strong examples that illustrate your abilities. 

  • “What sort of initiatives or projects/developments does the company and or department have in the pipeline for the next year?"

This shows your interest for the company’s future, and it allows you to discuss your prior experience similar to the given project or development to occur (I.E- New software implementation or automation process, acquisition or merger of a company).

  • “What challenges would someone face in this role in their first year, and how have people been successful with those challenges?”

This prepares you for what to expect if you do get the position and allows you to discuss how you would handle various situations. It also gives the hiring manager a chance to voice the style or attitude of employees they like on their team and how they prefer their team to handle stress and hurdles.  

Executive Recruiter, CFS South Bend

  • "How do you evaluate success?

By asking this, you have a chance to learn about the company’s evaluation policy. Some companies have quotas to meet while others simply hold reviews to discuss your work/growth within the company. Discussing all of this with the hiring manager ahead of time ensures that you will begin the position knowing what to expect.

Jackie Deace

Branch Manager, CFS Grand Rapids

  • “What separates your company from other firms in your industry?”

This question gives your interviewer a chance to voice their opinions about why the company is so unique, allowing you to get information that may not be found on the company website. It gives you an insider’s perspective and could help you decide between potential job opportunities. 

  • “When looking at my background, what concerns do you have in regards to my work experience?”

Your interviewer could have a concern or two about your experience, but you won’t know this unless you ask. If they do, now you have the opportunity to elaborate on their concerns and prove that you are more than qualified for the position. It also gives you a chance to create solutions to potential shortcomings.

What other questions are great to ask your interviewer? We'd love to hear them in your comments below! You can also reach out to one of our expert recruiters to discuss interviewing advice. You can find the closest CFS location to you here.

**Stay tuned for the WORST questions to ask your interviewer!


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