Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hit the ground running in a new position

We’ve all been the new person at one point or another. It was a dreadful situation as a child, and it can still be daunting as an adult. However, when it comes to starting a new position, that “new person” phase doesn’t have to last long.

When starting a new job, you should research the company’s leadership. You should have done this when preparing for your interview, but now that you’ve been hired it would be good to check out your management team. Maggie Dillon, Executive Recruiter for CFS Fort Wayne, suggests learning more about your company’s management and researching the competition. You’ll gain better insight about your company, your industry, and what to expect in your new position.

On your first day, make sure to show up on time and dress appropriately. It’s easy to let your nerves take over, but remember to be excited. Showing motivation for a new position conveys that you are eager to learn, and ready to jump in with both feet!

It’s important to set goals from day one. Kelly Pfeifer, Business Development Manager for CFS Madison, says that setting small, attainable goals helps you gain confidence. She also advises to writing down your goals to hold yourself accountable. By seeing and visualizing what you are hoping to accomplish, you are apt to work that much harder to achieve success.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help. Being new means you might not know automatically how to do everything; there is a learning curve. Chris Vogel, Business Development Manager for CFS Fort Lauderdale, recommends doing everything you can on your own and to ask for help when you get lost. Not asking for assistance will lead to mistakes and will inevitably cause more work in the long run. Remember that asking for help should not be seen as a weakness but instead as a strength.

When beginning a new job, you’ll likely compare this position with previous ones, especially when it comes to your method of doing things. Remember there’s always room for improvement. Vogel suggests that you listen and take advice from your peers. The training, guidance, and constructive criticism you receive from your new coworkers is truly invaluable. Your coworkers will respect you for taking the time to invest in their feedback and showing that you value their input.

Even when following advice from others, you shouldn’t forget your own methods and style altogether. Each person is unique, and you were chosen over all the other applicants for a reason. Nicole Hicks, Staffing Manager for CFS Seattle, says to be confident in your skills and most importantly be honest about them as well. Do not promise to do more than you can. Be realistic. If your job involves working with clients and forming relationships, then honesty goes a long way in earning trust and respect. Plus, it’s an amazing trait to have in a new hire.

Your first week or even your first month on the new job can have its up and downs. “Undoubtedly there are conversations or meetings where you’ll be left feeling that the likelihood of good things to come is dismal,” adds Hicks. Do not let this stop you! You can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why something didn’t go quite as planned. No matter what happens while you’re embracing the learning curve, the best course of action is to look at the facts, prepare for your next task, and remain positive.

Remember that this is a chance to hit the reset button. As Dillon says, “A new job is an opportunity to be a self-starter, start new routines, and develop new goals”. No matter how stressful your first week may be, stay positive and remain open-minded. If something doesn’t go quite right, learn from your mistakes and embrace your next challenge. Be confident in your abilities and have fun! You’ll rock this new job in no time.  

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