Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Going, going, gone! Job search tips going out of style

The challenges and obstacles faced during a job vary for each individual, but there are a few universal tips typically provided from peers, blogs, or other various sources that most of us have followed. However, the shift in job search trends no longer supports the advice that has been provided for so long.

Your Facebook profile should be unsearchable
If you can’t be found online, hiring managers will be skeptical about what you’re hiding and why. Stephanie Pucci, Branch Manager at CFS Madison, uses Facebook as a networking tool. “I’ve used Facebook as a means of referrals as I connected with friends and friends of friends.” Keep your profile appropriate for all viewers because you never know who is watching!

Apply to as many jobs as you can
Research the company you want to work for to get an idea of their culture, mission, and goals. Use these characteristics to help tailor your resume and show that you’re a good fit for the company. “You’re going to have more luck applying to 10 jobs than applying to 100 because your selling focus gets lost along the way. You stop selling yourself in accordance to what you’re applying to,” advises Pucci.

Fill your resume with only task orientated work experience
Sheila Drew, Branch Manager at CFS Denver, recommends adding substance and detail rather than tasks. “It’s easy to write a resume listing just your tasks in your previous work experience, but you need to add more detail and substance to your work experience and set yourself apart from your peers. Instead tell ‘how’ or ‘why’ you performed certain tasks. Example: Led initiative to reduce monthly account reconciliations from 40 days to 14 business days to increase accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting.”

Apply in person
Pucci says, “I would be surprised if someone showed up in person to apply for a job nowadays. If they did, I’d tell them to apply online or give them my phone number.” Most of the time, companies will find this action annoying. It will also be a waste of time for you because they will most likely redirect you to apply online. Be sure to check out their application process online before contacting them!

Track down the hiring manager’s name
People have been known to search high and low for the hiring manager’s name just so they can address their cover letter to them. Not only does this distract you from your job search but it won’t leave a lasting impression on the employer. If their name is easily available, then it is definitely appropriate to use it, but as Stephanie Pucci points out, “It depends on the size of the company. Sometimes you just won’t be able to find it and that’s okay. Smaller companies may not even have a hiring manager.” Channel the effort you would have put into tracking down their name into writing an awesome cover letter. Impress them with what you can create rather than what you can find.

Job searching is daunting enough, so don’t stress yourself out with these old antics that have gone out of style. Focus your energy on selling yourself in a creative way and applying to jobs that are applicable to your lifestyle. Be persistent and network along the way!

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