Monday, September 14, 2015

Landing the job you want - expert advice from our expert recruiters

Especially if you’re early in your career, you might not have had much experience with looking for a professional job. It’s not as easy as walking in somewhere and turning in a resume like you probably did in college. Now, you have a lot more competition.

Even if you have been in the professional world for a while, job searching can seem a bit daunting. The job market changes constantly, and it’s important to keep up with the times. Don’t stress though! Our recruiters are experts when it comes to the job search, and they want to share the best advice to help you land that job.

Senior Managing Director, Executive Search & Branch Manager - Houston
“It is easier to look for a job when you have a job” 
Staffing Manager – Fort Lauderdale
“If a person knows the exact position/positions they are targeting, make sure that their resume mirrors the general job description/requirements presented in ads for those positions and incorporate percentages, numbers, and examples if applicable.”
Staffing Manager – Fort Wayne
“When I was searching for an accounting position, and looking for that next step, one of the divisional controllers advised me to write my resume for the job that I wanted, not the job that I had. He stated by doing this, and not fabricating on my job responsibilities, you are able to highlight tasks that are transferable rather than a function that is specific to that role. Employers should be able to see you in a new light, not the think of you for the same roles.” 
Branch Manager – Nashville

“Network. Network. Network.  If you are out of work, then this is wide open.  Tell anyone and everyone that you are looking for work, what you do, and that you’re immediately available. Attend every possible networking group for job seekers. Each market has numerous groups that meet regularly for the sole purpose of job networking. For someone employed, work with a recruiter that specializes in your area of expertise. If you don’t know a recruiter, ask around (but only to those that will not tip off your current employer that you are looking). Do a LinkedIn search for your area to see who has a good “presence”. Find someone that is engaged in their profession and someone who seems to be well known in your area.”
What's the best advice you ever received during your job search? We'd love to hear it! Comment below.

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  2. Make a calling card; a business card size handout that details a very short list of your skills, your email, phone/text number. Make a list of businesses in your field. Call to find out who the owner is. Organize the businesses into an efficient route to call on them. Bring a small notepad and pen. Then HIT THE ROAD
    Walk in and ask to speak to the owner by name. YOU JUST WANT TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Let them know you are available and would appreciate any leads they may have. Leave the calling card and thank them for their time. DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 2 MINUTES, unless the owner is offering a job, or giving you information. Phone them in 2 weeks. Revisit in 4 weeks. This works every time for me.


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