Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to stay organized during your job search

Your job search can become overwhelming very quickly, especially if you don’t have a plan.  Proper organization tactics can help you stay on top of your job hunt while also maintaining a positive attitude. Keep your strategies simple and develop a routine that works for you.

To keep track of your job search, create an Excel spreadsheet or use Google Spreadsheets if you use multiple computers. Add a title row at the top that lists the company’s name, position, due date, submission date, required documents, date of an interview, status, and a link to the job posting. If there is a contact name or email listed, it’s helpful to create a column for that as well.

Set aside a folder in your e-mail strictly for your job search. You’ll feel better having these emails in one place. When you schedule an interview, it’s absolutely vital that you put the appointment into your calendar of choice – desk calendar, email calendar, personal planner, etc. If you miss an interview then you miss the job opportunity.

Set goals. Depending on your daily schedule, you’ll want to want to set a goal of how many jobs you apply for in a day. Not only will this help set the pace of your routine as you go, it holds you accountable to reach your goal.

Use sticky notes. If an idea or job position passes through your head but you think, “eh, maybe not”, then write it on a sticky note and put it to your computer/wall/desk. When you revisit that idea, you might change you mind and decide you want to apply. This is much easier than racking your brain because you forgot.

Designate a location. Choose a specific spot, perhaps your desk, to spend most of your time while you job search. Be sure that this space is a good environment to work in because a job search is essentially a second job. Rid this space of distractions. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a document in your application or making a small silly error, so pay attention and stay focused!

Your goals paired with your organization routine will act as landmarks that will keep you on track throughout the process. Our recruiters here at Creative Financial Staffing are also a great resource during your job search, and their assistance can help relieve stress. Visit to see all of our locations. Good luck!

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