Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to stand out in an interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking and full of surprises, so how do you feel confident and stand out when the advice you hear blends in with all the rest? Smiling, being polite, dressing professionally, researching the company, and following up are all the basic interview tactics you should already be doing, but it won’t land the job you really want.

Prepare to not only sell yourself but to sell the company as well. This means more than memorizing facts- it means understanding the mission, the people, the strategies, and the steps taken to be the successful company they are today.  Mike Ruben, Managing Director of Executive Search at Creative Financial Staffing says, “Too often candidates go into an interview only prepared to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, and their achievements, but the most successful interviewee can also ask thought provoking questions.”

·     What do I need to accomplish in order to be successful during my first 90 days? This question shows that you are goal-oriented and driven to reach their standards of success.
·     What do you think the company will look like in a year? This will help you get a feel for what the company will look like when you’re joining it or when you’ve started to find your place within the company.
·     What type of person thrives in your organization? Asking your interviewer to list common characteristics and qualities within the company will help you get an idea of the tempo and culture. It’s also helpful to find out the common reasons why new hires haven’t worked out at the company in the past.
·     How would you describe the managing style of the person I will be working for? You need to know the expectations your manager will have and whether they suit you. It’s important to be comfortable with their style of teaching and feedback.
·     How does this position help make your job easier? Gearing this question towards your future boss or manager will help you to better understand how the company works, who you’ll be collaborating with the most, and generally where you’ll stand in this new role compared to those around you.
These types of questions will make you stand out from the pack and showcase your interest in making a positive impact to the organization.

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