Monday, February 2, 2015

4 Ways to Build a Better Faster Talent Pipeline

We hear a lot about sales pipelines, but do you also think about talent management that way? It makes sense. Not everyone is destined to stay with your company or organization for the long term. It helps to think about talent as a pipeline, a continuous process.
Your talent pipeline includes new talent, intermediate talent, high capability talent, interim talent, and management and leadership talent. Then you need a way to move new talent to intermediate and high capability positions. You"ll need to secure interim talent to cover service gaps or other operating needs, which could be sourced from an agency, other departments, or a contingent talent pool.
1. Rapid On-Boarding & Accelerated Job Proficiency Training for New Hires
For new hires, having a Learning Path in place for their position guarantees an efficient and rapid on-boarding process, usually for the first weeks or months in a new job, which are the most difficult for a new employee. Employees are most daunted during that time and more apt to leave if there is no tangible development plan in place. The Learning Path, which contains all the training and learning they will need to perform well on that particular job and shows them what they will be learning and doing by when, alleviates this pressure...
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