Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The 2 Most Powerful Words A Manager Can Use

With all the professionalism and political correctness in today's workplace, we sometimes miss out on the fact that people really want to feel appreciated — and a 'thank you' is all it sometimes takes.
A very close friend of mine is Eleanor, who is a teacher and probably one of the most conscientious and hard working people I know. Eleanor goes beyond what is expected of her every day to make sure she brings out the best in every child in her class. She is happy to plan her lessons until late at night to make sure they are exciting and engaging.
All her official feedback and performance reviews have rated her as outstanding. What might surprise many, however, is that Eleanor has just quit a job she loves because she feels unappreciated. Instead of all the formal but impersonal feedback, all she wanted was some appreciation from another human being…
But she didn't get it.
Our local school and children are suffering a major loss, because the people managing Eleanor didn't act like people. They didn't do the one thing all of our mothers probably told us to do when we were kids: they didn't say thank you....

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