Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Implementing an effective corporate ethics policy

When asked about their values, the vast majority of companies can provide a document they would describe as a code of ethics or conduct. However, research suggests a possible disconnect between companies’ stated intentions and the degree to which they truly value ethical behaviour.
Here are five steps that companies can take to ensure that their corporate ethics policy is effective and becomes embedded in the company culture. Also included are practical examples of the various ways organisations have accomplished this task.

1  Code of ethics

The essential elements of a code include assurances of support for the policies from organizational leadership, practical guidance on what is expected regarding ethical issues, commitments concerning stakeholder relationships, example Q&As, scenarios or decision trees, details of how the code will be implemented and monitored, and the consequences of misconduct. Signposts to further support, advice and other relevant policies should also be included....

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Source: Tanya Barman and Samantha White (www.cgma.org)

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