Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 Ways Accountants Can Help Themselves When Their Business Is Slow

When business is slow, don't blame the economy. While effects of the Great Recession still hang over us, slow spells can happen any time for a variety of reasons. Don't take a vacation. Don't think you'll just wait it out. And don't get into bed with a quart of ice cream. If you're serious about business development, there are things you have to get yourself to do:
  1. Get yourself in a positive frame of mind. Things will be as bad as you may think they are if you are not in a positive frame of mind. You will convey whatever your state of mind is, so work on yourself first.
  1. On a slow day, make a list of people—clients, prospects, referral sources—and start calling as many as you can. Do this even if it's around holiday time. Other people may be facing slow times too and have time to talk. Get together in person if possible. Convey an upbeat impression and the sense that business is good. Inquire about their business and needs. See if there is a way you can help (billable or not). Give some examples of what you have done for others. Say you always appreciate referrals or introductions....

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Source: Phyllis Weiss Haserot (www.accountingweb.com)

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