Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cloud from "An Accountants Perspective"

All of us have received the email from an IT company or read an article on Cloud Technology. Having also undergone recently a major upgrade on our servers this was at the top of our agenda as to which way we went, Internal or Cloud. There was so much debate about the pros and cons of the Cloud. And yes being accountants cost did come into it and it was surprising to see what this Cloud would cost us extra over an internally server based system.
And this is where i get to from "An Accountants Perspective", the industry in promoting the Cloud is getting it all wrong. Basically the Cloud is just off premises storage of data that allows the collaboration of data. The first part of this sentence is already happening with so many apps and tools we use on a daily basis, be it Apple products or Google apps. The latter part is the key.
This is why I feel the sell of this Cloud is a bit of a have. Everyone's focus is wrong. To date we have been primarily focused too much on our own internal processes. Generally most businesses are fairly efficient and there is only so much more that one could "beat" out of our staff more. Most technologies to date have allowed us to automate our processes including the internal management systems that we use to run our businesses.

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