Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Cloud Browsers Are The Wave Of The Future

A tiring bit of Internet security advice one often hears suggests using a separate and dedicated browser for sensitive transactions such as online banking or checking your medical data. In the past this meant sorting out which was the secure browser and then avoiding it for other purposes or even using a different computer altogether.

“Set up a separate, Java-free browser dedicated just to shopping and banking,” security software company F-Secure suggested in December ahead of the holidays. “Busy, distracted people doing their holiday shopping online may be more susceptible to falling into malware traps that attempt to steal credit card info or banking passwords.”

“Java-free what?” would be most people’s response. Now several companies are making this process easier and ever safer through cloud-based browsers that store no data from each session and prevent any malware from interacting with your computer.

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Source: Adam Tanner (www.forbes.com)

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