Friday, March 21, 2014

To Manage IT, Speak Their Language

I’ve heard it said more than once that “accounting is the language of business,” but as some of my colleagues who work in technology departments for their firms know, accounting and tax services can, at times, seem worlds apart from software and systems.

After all these years of firms building out advanced, integrated technologies to help them deliver services to clients, the relationship between a firm’s IT department and the rest of the firm, including practice and other non-practice departments, still, at times, seems divided.  Like referees in a football game, the IT department in many firms is only noticed when something goes wrong. This reality leads to the perception that IT is not much more than a necessary cost of doing business.

Changing this perception boils down to one word: management.

Managing a firm’s IT is just like anything else in the firm: you have to lead people and manage everything they produce, including creating and designing processes, and implementing and evaluating systems. You also have to create value and communicate that value to the rest of the firm in business terms everyone can understand.

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