Wednesday, February 26, 2014

6 Hotel Hospitality Industry New and Current Trends You Should Know About

As a hospitality sector business, you would like to stay in-sync with the latest trends in the global hotel industry. This is rather important since trends that are increasingly engaging attention soon can become a standard demand from your guests. Following are some of the new hotel trends that are making their presence felt across the globe. Read about these to decode how they might affect the type/range of services you offer or how you manage your business.
1. More Emphasis on Hotel “Lobbying”
Perhaps, hotels are realizing that merely having a decorated lobby isn’t sufficient to gain customer loyalty or guests are seeking more, inside-the-hotel time—either way, the hotel lobby is fast making a comeback as an important section of the hotel environment. Mobile recharging consoles are on the rise.
Vibrantly-colored interiors along with free access for checking emails are also being offered.While bigger hotels can afford to offer docking stations for iPhones too, smaller hotels are attempting to ensure that eat-as-you-move kind of snacks/drinks is offered in their lobbies.
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