Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unleash Your Inner Business Artist

We all spend so much time focusing on our specific role – accountant, chief marketing officer, intern, vice president of supply chain – that we forget to incorporate an identity we all share: artist. Regardless of job title or corporate trajectory, each of us has a bit of “artist” inside; most of us have ignored it for far too long. Real value is generated when we all infuse creativity into our work, at all levels of organizations. This injection of artistry is our responsibility as individuals, as well as our responsibility as leaders, in order to build companies that relish in this creative, innovative (and ultimately productive) culture. Here are a few ways to let your inner artist shine.

Meetings. Most meetings are incredibly boring – someone gives a Power Point presentation and the rest of the room counts the minutes remaining until its conclusion. It doesn’t have to be this way. Switch it up. Start a meeting with a 5-minute drawing session. End the meeting with a 10-minute brainstorm. Play hot potato – start with an easy category (colors, for example) and toss a ball around as every person catches it and names off an example in the category. Move toward the category of what the meeting is focused upon and generate a long list through the game.

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Source: Josh Linkner  http://www.forbes.com

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