Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 2010 Workplace

The 2008-2009 economic downturn has triggered and/or accelerated many changes in the workplace. Below are several trends to look out for in 2010:
  1. A second job. In addition to a salaried job, more individuals will likely seek out a second income source – through a side business, freelance project, consulting gig, etc.

  2. More flexible work schedules. To promote better work-life balance, more employers are expected to offer options for telecommuting, compressed workweeks, summer hours, etc.

  3. Less “off hours” work. In the midst of “voluntary” pay cuts and furloughs, employees are less likely work beyond their designated work hours - meaning that they will not be on call 24/7 through their Blackberries.

  4. Delayed Retirement/Hiring Retired Employees. Companies are more opened to hiring retired employees because of their years of experience and knowledge. Older employees are also looking to delay their retirement to extend their income stream.

  5. Temporary/Contract Work. Employers remain cautious as they prepare for the economic rebound. Rather than committing to full time hires, many are turning to the flexible option of hiring temporary and contract workers.

10 Workplace trends for 2010
Predictions for 2010: Five Changes in the Way We Work

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